Putting the agriculture into the urban agriculture series

I’ll admit that the first post in my urban agriculture series wasn’t about urban agriculture per se. Rather, it was a look at the nexus of small-scale, sustainable farms and ordinary city-dwellers, many of whom, particularly in this part of town, have only recently enjoyed access to such fresh, local food. To be honest, I was hoping to start the series with a visit to one of the impressive, cutting edge urban farms that you’ve maybe read about in the paper — Brooklyn Grange, for example, the largest rooftop farm in the world, located right here in New York City. But, one Saturday in late August I was getting impatient to fire up the rover for the first time, to cut the planning and dilly-dallying and do some real (albeit novice) reporting. So, I set out to see what was going on at the nearby Bushwick Farmers Market on one of the final market days of the year. In the process, I learned about a new rooftop farm in the neighborhood called Farm-In-The-Sky. It just so happened that a couple weeks later, I came across a flyer for a fundraiser that Ecostation:NY, the parent organization of both the farmers’ market and the farm, was having at Brooklyn Fire Proof, a Bushwick bar and arts venue that occupies the building beneath Farm-In-The-Sky. The bill promised tours of the rooftop farm. I wasn’t about to pass up that timely opportunity to put the agriculture into this urban agriculture series. I’ll be writing up my visit here soon, so stay tuned for the full account.


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