Announcing… a series on urban agriculture

Soon, I will be making a down payment on the promise I made in my previous post: to use the blog as a space to publish pieces on topics that interest me that incorporate my own original reporting and research.

In the interest of lending some much needed suspense to this blog, I have decided to announce in advance the first topic I have chosen to write about: urban agriculture in New York City. Urban agriculture is on the rise in New York, and in urban areas across the county. I don’t think it would be premature to call it “cutting edge,” the vanguard of a movement to redefine urban living and challenge our neat distinctions between the city and the country, between civilization and nature. As I have discovered in my research so far, urban agriculture can take many different forms to serve many different purposes. With that in mind, I am planning a series of articles that take a first-hand look at the different approaches to urban agriculture that one can find in today’s New York, bearing witness to the city’s evolving relationship with the food that sustains its people.

Stay tuned for the first installment.


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