A Biographical Snapshot



Subject graduated from Middlebury College (B.A., Philosophy, minor in Spanish) in 2007. Displayed an interest in a wide range of subjects as a student, the light departmental requirements of the Philosophy major allowing him to pursue an education of great breadth but limited focus that possibly failed to achieve deep mastery of even his chosen discipline (jack of all trades, master of none kind of thing). Excelled at written assignments, his lucid exposition of the subject at hand at times belying a chronic neglect of daily reading assignments and tenuous commitment to the overarching academic concerns of the course. To wit, subject declined to pursue the thesis in Philosophy required for departmental honors, but graduated nevertheless in high academic standing and earned admission to the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

Upon graduating, subject was swept up in a wave of New York-bound migration along with several of his closest friends at Middlebury. In the manner of many liberal arts graduates uncertain of their ultimate career aims, subject found employment at a law firm to “explore” a legal career, a position which he continues to hold. Having shown a musical aptitude from an early age, he co-founded a rock band in early 2011 as its lead singer and lyricist. While this endeavor appears to bring subject a measure of satisfaction, one senses in this young man an uneasiness with his circumstances; one sees an intelligent, sensitive soul adrift, whose languishing talents yearn for direction and focused application. The question with which we are concerned is, can these talents find effective application with our lunar rover company?

Admissions status: PENDING FIELD TEST.


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